Association of Private Farming of the CR

The Association of private farming of the Czech Republic (APF CR) is a major organization representing family farms and private farming in the Czech Republic. Our organization represents over 7.5 thousand members across the whole country. Our activities focus on economic, social, and political interests that support family farms and private farming. Our actions are based on respecting old peasant traditions and beliefs that family farms are the base of modern European agriculture and rural development.


• we build on family farming

• we are based on peasant traditions and a responsible approach to land

• we promote free entrepreneurship 

• we fight against needless bureaucracy 

• we support multifunctional and modern agriculture 

• we promote local farm productions and direct farmyard sales 

• we help to create a vibrant and economically independent countryside

Activities of the APF CR

National level

10 Farma Václava VeletyAt the national level, the APF deals mainly with the defence of interests of private farmers in negotiations with state authorities. Representatives of the APF CR seek to protect and promote the interests of farmers in the parliament, ministries and other state administration bodies. The APF closely cooperates with leading institutions and experts in agricultural economics and it prepares and submits specific proposals of both operational and conceptual character. In all proposals, the APF CR consistently defends the principle of minimizing state interference into free entrepreneurship.

Our leading information platform is the website, which has become one of the most visited agricultural portals by farmers and the general public. Furthermore, APF CR regularly distributes a magazine called ‘Selská revue’ for its members. The magazine contains information about APF CR's current activities, new legislation processes and measures, scientific articles, agricultural events, information from the European Union, reports from member farms and foreign tours and interviews with interesting personalities, and more. APF CR is also active on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Regional level

The activities of regional APFs focus primarily on economic issues, but also on regional politics. Members of the APF act as a unit while dealing with purchases and sales or negotiating with customers and suppliers. In some regions, sales cooperatives are being set up, bringing tangible economic benefits to their members. An integral part of regional APFs is information service and social or economic activities (harvest festivals, field trips). In addition, specialized seminars are organized, being also an important help for members.

International level

APF CR is a member of the European Landowners' Organization (ELO). Over the years, the association has become a respected member of both formal and informal community of European rural organizations and regularly participates in a number of international events. APF CR is also a partner in several international projects. For more information or possible cooperation feel free to contact the main office


Programs and events of the APF CR

Contest Farm of the Year (Farma roku)

One of the most important social events organized by APF CR since 2002. The main goal of the competition is to show to both the agricultural and non-agricultural public that a Czech farmer can be not only a successful entrepreneur and a satisfied person, but also a proud and free citizen who positively influences his community and region.



Diverse Landscape Program (Pestrá Krajina)  Michlovka01

The purpose of the new APF CR program is to point out how family farmers think about their management as a whole and despite difficult bureaucratic obstacles or lack of time do not hesitate to implement groves, alleys, small water reservoirs and other measures that benefit the landscape, the environment and society as a whole.


The Harvest Festival (Dožínky)  82558-_MG_8329

Every year the APF CR organizes a traditional harvest festival always accompanied by visits to several farms in different regions and an evening social gathering. Besides a few hundreds of farmers, representatives of right-wing political parties, of the Agricultural Committee of the Chamber of Deputies or representatives of regional or municipal authorities traditionally participate at this event


Field trips


APF CR is regularly organising excursions to farms abroad. These trips are sources of useful professional information and are a great opportunity for the APF members to meet other farmers - get inspired or share experiences. Since 2003 the APF CR was have been organising excursions to many European countries, but also outside the European continent, to the USA, Australia, South Africa, Mongolia, Vietnam, and more.

APF CR has been organising tours for organisations and farmers from abroad. We have cooperated with Finland, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, France, England, Spain or Japan. For more information feel free to contact the main office